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Six Month Smiles
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Six Month Smiles

Results Are

The solution for adults with crooked teeth. Our guided orthodontics treatment gives your patients straight teeth in about 6 MONTHS.

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The Best of Both Worlds...
In Your Hands:


Invisible Aligners

For patients with mild to moderate crowding (7-10mm) and spacing (5-7mm), 6MS Invisible Aligners are just what the Dentist ordered. Utilising a series of up to 20 active aligners, we’ll recommend a course of treatment that delivers the best possible results in 6-10 months. 

In the event Aligners would not provide the best outcome for your patient, our CONFIDEX™ treatment planners will advise you of Clear Braces and mixed appliance options.


Clear Braces

6MS Clear Braces discreetly straighten adult teeth. Utilising clear brackets and tooth-coloured arch wires, our bracket specialists pre-position the brackets for you in custom indirect bonding trays.

With highly trained clinical support, bracket placement becomes easy, efficient and stress-free – which gives you more control of the outcome.

Aligners when your patients want them, braces when they need them.





Our Philosophy:

The Six Month Smiles® guided orthodontic system provides General Dentists with the ability to help their patients with crooked, misaligned, and spaced teeth. Our Invisible Aligners and Clear Braces are made with you in mind. Aligners when your patients want them, braces when they need them. Our world-class clinical professionals have trained over 10,000 dentists in 50 countries.


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Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

Every case includes a step-by-step guide planned and overseen by orthodontists. In the event a patient is not a candidate for aligners, we can seamlessly offer Clear Braces solutions or mixed appliance options.

Clinical Support

Clinical Support

We give you access to how-to videos, forms, online forums, and much more. When 1-on-1 support is necessary, we have you covered. Our team of highly-trained clinical specialists are available for paid consultations and live case reviews.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Decorate your office with 6MS posters, brochures, and flyers. They’re FREE! We also offer ‘Before & After’ Books, t-shirts and an online ‘Find a Doctor’ directory to help interested NEW patients in your area find you.

Practice Stories

"Worth every penny..."

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Implement Guided Orthodontics in Your Practise

Start with simple training and we'll support you after.
Course Enquiries

Case Selection

You don’t need to search for candidates - they’re already in your chair every day! See these everyday familiar examples to explore the possibilities you already have.

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Learn NOW

Watch our on-demand webinar taught by one of our clinical instructors! You'll learn about the system, how to incorporate into your practice and all the opportunities of being a Six Month Smiles provider.

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Your Team

Elevate the Six Month Smiles® clinical expertise of your team to ensure that their skills grow and contribute to your overall practice success.

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Outstanding Support

A robust and growing support system will assist in making your practice as successful as possible with Six Month Smiles. Enabling orthodontics for the general dentist is our specialty. We provide cases, forums, and marketing support. + more

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Global Influence

Six Month Smiles has a positive global impact. We have providers in over 50 countries and counting. As we continue to expand, we strive to help people all over the world get straight teeth in less time with our accelerated orthodontics treatment.

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Treating your Six Moth Smiles patients has never been easier or more predictable than with CONFIDEX™ Digital Treatment Planning. Created by orthodontists specifically for you.

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Our Team

We’re here to help, innovate, and watch you succeed. We have talent ranging from marketing, sales, medical, and customer experience. Our loyalty to you and your practice is a top priority.

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