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All the Support You Need

from clinical assistance to in-office marketing.

Online Forum

Our online forum has tens of thousands of case studies, along with peer-to-peer guidance. At any time, you can upload your cases and receive feedback from mentors and clinical specialists within 48 hours.


Provider Resource Center

Gives you access to watch any portion of your training, marketing, support, forms, and most importantly submit and track your cases.

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Six Month Smiles
Six Month Smiles

Get Discovered

Patients are constantly looking for providers in their area. Get discovered through our online provider directory. A great way to attract new patients to your practice.

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Six Month Smiles


Decorate your office with Six Month Smiles posters and flyers. Yes, they're FREE!

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FREE Patient Brochures

Share with your patients that you offer Six Month Smiles by ordering brochures and display them in your office.

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Six Month Smiles

Promotional Materials

Our Before & After Book will stand out in your waiting rooms and operatory. These will generate interest from potential Six Month Smiles patients.

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T-shirts, Books, and more!
Six Month Smiles

1-on-1 Clinical Support

Get the best answers possible directly from our team of highly trained clinical specialists.

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We're Flexible!

Anytime I've needed something or had any questions, I just call - and Six Month Smiles has been great.

Daniel Bird
Dr. Daniel Bird, Memphis TN

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