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Six Month Smiles
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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles is a fast, guided orthodontics system for general dentists designed to straighten your patients' teeth using invisible aligners or clear brackets and tooth-colored wires in an average of just 6 MONTHS.


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Six Month Smiles is designed by general dentists, for general dentists. Every person deserves to smile with confidence, and every dentist can help.

Our system is different than traditional ortho. It's a more attractive treatment option that involves shorter treatment times, more control, and addresses the patient's chief complaint.

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Six Month Smiles
Fast Orthodontics

Unique Brackets & Tooth Colored Wires

Six Month Smiles brackets and wires have been created to specifically address the unique treatment objectives of short-term, fast orthodontics.

  • Our unique clear brackets are specially designed and allow dentists to obtain short-term orthodontic treatment goals with precision and efficiency. The angulations, in-out dimensions, and off-sets are specific for these cosmetically-focused cases. Also, their uniquely clear translucency blends seamlessly with surrounding tooth structure… and patients love that!

  • Our wires are tooth-colored shape memory wires that are highly active and provide consistent force levels to gently straighten and align teeth. The unique archform of Lucid Lok™ wires provides for broad but appropriate arches and minimizes the need for IPR in short-term orthodontic cases.

Case Timeline


1. Case Selection

From crowding to spaced cases, Six Month Smiles can achieve a wide range of tooth alignment and movement.

Simple Online Experience

2. Case Submission

Our case submission process is easy and intuitive for both doctor and team to submit cases via impressions or STL files (from ANY scanner) .

Predictable Treatment Planning

3. CONFIDEX 360™

Treating your Six Month Smiles patients has never been easier or more predictable than with CONFIDEX 360™ Treatment Planning. Created by orthodontists specifically for you.

Disposable Materials

4. Patient Tray Kit

The Patient Tray Kit contains the custom indirect bonding trays and supplies including wires, quick ties, donuts, and patient relief wax. These items are typically needed at your patient's braces-on appointment.

Bonding Tray
Custom Indirect

5. Bonding Trays

Your custom indirect bonding trays make bracket placement remarkably easy, efficient and stress-free.

Here When You Need Us

6. Unrivaled Support

Our online forum has thousands of case studies along with peer-to-peer support. We also offer 1-on-1 support sessions with our clinical experts.


7. Retention

Ensure the results last a lifetime with proper retention protocols. This will be a life-changing experience your patients will never forget.

Six Month Smiles - Easy


Brackets are pre-positioned for you in the custom indirect bonding trays.

Six Month Smiles - Effective


Brackets and shape-memory wires are specifically engineered for optimum and predictable results.

Six Month Smiles - Profitable


With case fees around 1/2 that of aligners, your production increases with each case.

Intro to Six Month Smiles
Introduction to Six Month Smiles
1:20 min
“I think one of the biggest reasons to get into Six Month Smiles is that these patients are sitting in your practice and want this type of dentistry. Dentists will spend all this money on marketing to get more people through the door when they have patients who aren’t happy with their smiles sitting in their practice. I don’t know about you, but I get sick and tired of doing fillings. These patients I do short term ortho on end up bringing me cookies and thanking me with hugs and referrals. I can tell you that without six month smiles we wouldn't have had near the growth in our practice we have had.”

Dr. Sully Sullivan, DDS
Founder of The Millennial Dentist

“As a General Dentist, Six Month Smiles has added a new dimension to the way I treat my patients, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Dr. Daz Singh
Ollie & Darsh
Liverpool, UK

“I’ve been treating patients with Invisalign for several years. What happens on the computer simulation doesn’t always translate in the mouth. This has resulted in frustration with additional impressions, trays and many more months of treatment. With Invisalign I felt like a passenger in an autonomous driving car with no control of the final destination. Six Month Smiles allows me to be in the driver’s seat making adjustments as needed thus allowing the cases to finish faster. It pleases me now that I can provide a faster and less expensive short term orthodontic system for my patients.”

Dr. Radovan Rudik, DDS
Moose Lake Dental

“I love Six Month Smiles. I thought ortho was a mystery. I tried aligners and got fair results. The results with Six Month Smiles are great. It is as advertised; a simple to incorporate, dummy proof system, and it works. It has been a game changer for my practice and my career!”

Dr. Dale Hardy
Cornerstone Dentistry

“Trying to rotate and straighten teeth with aligners had become increasingly frustrating. It was unpredictable, and my cases just kept going on and on... With Six Month Smiles, I have more control over tooth movement.”

Dr. Kent Smith
21st Century Dental


Get creative with your tooth movement.

We're Different

Guided Orthodontics is NOT a replacement for traditional orthodontics. Six Month Smiles is an alternative for adults who refuse traditional orthodontics or had no other attractive options available to them. Most dentists have patients in their practices who aren’t interested in traditional orthodontics.

Relapsed Cases

Six Month Smiles gives you the opportunity to treat patients who have relapsed in the past from other orthodontic treatment. We have a system of follow-up appointments to ensure that your patient doesn't relapse.


Need to create a little more room for that implant site? Six Month Smiles brackets and wires can create the space you need for more accurate and precise implant placements.

Cosmetic Cases

Six Month Smiles plays well with cosmetic cases of all kinds. Add whitening to the end of a Six Month Smiles case. Or combine braces and bonding for that perfect aesthetic outcome. The possibilities are endless!


Doing a full mouth restoration and wish the teeth were a bit more aligned so you can preserve as much tooth structure as possible? We've got you covered. And we love saving enamel.

Ortho Referrals?

Orthodontist got you worried? Have no fear! We encourage great partnerships with orthodontists and have found our providers have great relationships — and even more referrals of those more complicated cases that Six Month Smiles may not be a fit for. 

All Under One Roof

Your patients trust YOU. They appreciate you. And they don't always want to be referred out if you can do the treatment they desire in a safe and effective manner. And that's what we're all about: Empowering the general dentist to be their patient's hero.


Your team will love Six Month Smiles! Once they are trained, many of the Six Month Smiles adjustments can be delegated to team members, saving you valuable chairtime, and empowering your team so your rock stars can shine their brightest. 


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