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Six Month Smiles
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Six Month Smiles


Practice Stories

Passionate Doctors, Extraordinary Stories. Follow these Doctors on their Six Month Smiles journey

The Winning Smile

Jackson, MS

Meet Dr. Gary,  Dr. Lewis and Dr. Pambianchi at the Winning Smiles in Jackson, Mississippi as they share their passion for providing Six Month Smiles in their thriving practice!  "Changing someone's smile in six months that's been dealing with their self image for years - there's just no fulfillment like that. There's just none."  You can sense the passion in the practice for their patients.  As a bonus, watch til the end to see Domeeka's reaction when she gets her braces off. Truly a touching moment for any provider and patient. 

Dr. Daniel Bird

Memphis, TN

Meet Dr. Daniel Bird of Crosstown Dental! Working out of a revitalized building with a strong community focus, Dr. Bird is redefining the way dentistry is done. His "no waiting" philosophy, and in-house all-digital lab, support his philosophy of maximum efficiency. Six Month Smiles was the logical, perfect fit for his practice to incorporate a short-term orthodontic system in an easy and efficient way. Watch to see how Dr. Bird implements Six Month Smiles into his practice and is on his way to 20 cases in his first 7 months! And we must say, the building he's in is quite amazing!

Dr. Delia Tuttle

Canyon Lake, CA

Dr. Tuttle created her unique practice (Canyon Lake Dental) by seeking the kind of treatments that both enhance dental health and improve business revenue. So, after she attended the Six Month Smiles training, she brought the knowledge and enthusiasm about the product back into her practice. Now her staff members are just as enthusiastic about Six Month Smiles as she is — and their collective enthusiasm is better than any marketing we could dream possible. Before returning from the course — Dr. Tuttle had a waiting list of over 50 patients ready for Six Month Smiles treatment!

Dr. Bryan Fox

Louisville, KY

Dr. Bryan Fox, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, talked to us about offering Six Month Smiles. But Dr. Fox isn’t just a dentist — he’s also a professional musician and hit songwriter. Dr. Fox first talked to us about the other ortho treatments he’d offered to patients. “The lack of control really bothered me. I was really dependent on whatever the appliance would do.” Recommended by a colleague, Dr. Fox attended the training seminar for Six Month Smiles. “It has been the ONE course I’ve taken that has made the biggest difference in my practice.”

Dr. Erin Elliott

Post Falls, ID

When 27-year old Tessa decided to fix her cosmetic ortho problems she opted for clear aligners. Then one day at a networking lunch she ran into Dr. Erin Elliott, a Six Month Smiles provider. When she inquired about Tessa's experiences with Invisalign, Tessa shared some of her frustrations. In a crazy turn of events, Tessa's identical twin sister Kristen also wanted to have straight teeth — so she began Six Month Smiles treatment with Dr. Elliott and the rest is history! Watch to hear from Dr. Elliott and find out which twin finishes first and with the greatest level of satisfaction.

Dr. Brooks Haney

Dallas, TX

Should general dentists be doing short term orthodontics? Is it safe? Dr. Brooks Haney shares his thoughts and experiences leading up to the Six Month Smiles seminar. He shares what he learned, what he took away from the course and how he implemented it in his practice. "This is the one course I've taken that I went away feeling confident, like 'I can do this Monday morning!'"

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