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Six Month Smiles
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Six Month Smiles

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Case Selection

Case selection is perhaps the most important success factor in Guided Orthodontics. In fact, “Is this a good case?” is the number one asked question we get from our providers. With aligners or fixed appliances available, it often comes down to clinician and patient preference when deciding which appliance is best. It’s important to know that EITHER appliance can be very effective in most cases.

Invisible Aligners
For patients with mild crowding (4-5mm) and spacing (3-4mm), 6MS Invisible Aligners can be ideal. Utilising a series of up to 20 active aligners, we’ll recommend a course of treatment that delivers the best possible results in 6-10 months.

Clear Braces
6MS Clear Braces discreetly straighten adult teeth. A wide range of tooth alignment and movement can be achieved with 6MS clear braces, including extrusions, rotations, intrusions and tipping. Utilising clear brackets and tooth-coloured arch wires, brackets are pre-positioned for you in custom indirect bonding trays, making the braces on appointment easy and efficient.

Is This a Good Case? is a free service to help you determine which type of appliance is best for your patient. You can use this service prior to case submission and treatment planning. Complete the information required and a Clinical Specialist will provide you with a recommendation within 24 hours on which type of case to submit. This is not the same as submitting a case, but you can easily convert your submission into an actual case with one click!

 You can treat:

  • Crowding, overlapped, rotated teeth & high canines
  • Correct anterior cross bites
  • Close spaces
  • Treat open bites
  • Level the gingival zeniths
  • Treat deep bites
  • Over-erupt teeth
  • Round out arches for future cosmetic restorations


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